Wishing you Health and Happiness all year long

Joy_2 2018_60018 cropped

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Can you see the light?

Tanquerey liquor bottle

My mentor, Bill Buckley used to say he lit products “to illuminate their interior qualities”. Great lighting makes you feel something of the essence, the inner quality and voice of the subject. 

There is a rising tide of discerning consumers who are looking deeper at the quality and soul of what they are buying. They are looking carefully at what they eat. Is it non-GMO? Does it contain Gluten? Added sugars? Is it a quality product that will improve their life? Where did it come from? Who made it? Were those people paid a solid living wage? Did its manufacture harm the environment? Will it last?

When I can answer those questions in one quick to read photograph then I have done my job  and can call myself a photographer. Thank you for all the lessons Bill.

Green compass

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Drama Queen

Timberland canvas and leather boot

Creating drama is all about using lighting to strike a chord.  It’s all about the mood you want and how to get there.  That drama that you create is how you catch someone’s eye and potentially help to sell a product.  Some of the best shoots are when you have time to play around with the light and work with the client to collaborate on variations, backgrounds, surfaces and multiple light sources to get the “just right” feel and look.  Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want and other times they come and we work on perspectives and thoughts, then decide on where to go, together.  Decades of experience certainly helps, but creativity and collaboration really help to bring home just the right look!

Hope we can work with you to create the mood and drama.

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Healthy Option?

artic char process_49985   artic char process_49976

Planning for dinner always seems to pose a bit of a challenge.  A bit like planning for a shoot.  Lots of little bits and pieces that you need to consider.  You normally need to take into consideration a lot of perspectives from your family or clients.  It’s all about gathering the right information up front, making sure that you listen closely – thinking about all of the details and having all of the right things in place.  In the end – everyone needs to be happy, right? Exactly.

So – when we are working on projects, we try to do just that.  We are thoughtful, ask questions, think about how to problem solve and maybe think of new ways to look at something – but in the end, it’s all about satisfaction.

Dinner, a shoot……….just make everyone happy.  🙂

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A win, win.

highliner motiv sliders 2015_01_16_41048

Each shoot day, I’m presented with a new challenge – no matter what I need to shoot. Products, Food, Jewelry, Shoes, People………you throw it at me and I figure it out. Problem solver is my daily “who I am.”  Creative guy is what I’d prefer as first on my list, but isn’t always top due to the over-arching need of  “what does the client want?”  With this challenge above, it was a little bit of both and that challenge makes me a happy photographer.  Solve the problem, shoot the product, work with a great stylist and be able to shoot it creatively.  Yes!  A win win for all.

Would love to collaborate with many of you and get to a winning situation.  Try me.

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The Inner Eye

I get a call and am asked by the client, “I have a product, what can you do for me”?

blog 2017_06_071124_3Say that you have a bottle that needs to be photographed. It needs to be shot mostly for use on a website – to help “sell” the product.  I’d like to keep the background clean so that the customers stay focused on your product, its a really beautiful product after all! 

So many things coursing through my mind; perspective, lighting, contrast and how all of that comes into play……..What about perspective? Angles to consider. Up? Down? Side view?  3/4?  Profile?  Down the hatch?  I have to find something different, something that sets it apart.

The road less traveled.

Lighting – The “lost” art!! Throw some shadow in?  Do I want a gel with some tone?  Do I want high contrast or  low?  Lots of saturated color? Tones that are pale and light, dark and shadowy? blog 2017_06_071175_2

In my minds eye I see it all at once!!  All of these details start come into play and I begin to work my magic………and I love it!

blog 2017_06_071158_2

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Color can have SUCH an impact!

staple16-07-06_0385Who knew how important color choice can be to the impact of a job?  Well, of course Nick knew!  That’s what he does and does best.  High impact.

Take a basic product and will it grab people automatically?  Probably not.  Yet, if you study it long enough, find a complimentary angle, think about some pretty incredible high contrast lighting and pop some major color in …………… BAM!  You’ve got a shot!

Got your attention, huh?


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Dreaming in color

Dreaming in color…

Thinking warm thoughts & spring colors.

Shape, texture, light and contrast.

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Right time, right people, right place

blog january 2016

Busy studio, January 2016

Right Time, Right People, Right Place.

There are times in your life when everything aligns. The right people at just the right time.  This winter has been one of those times for our studio.  One of our clients has kept us on our toes shooting a multitude of fresh, trendy products with some really cool designs!  We are grateful for the new friendships, collaborations, and the opportunity to work hard to keep our clients “on trend, on time, on budget”, kind of like the stars aligning.  It works for us……may it keep on coming!

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