The Inner Eye

I get a call and am asked by the client, “I have a product, what can you do for me”?

blog 2017_06_071124_3Say that you have a bottle that needs to be photographed. It needs to be shot mostly for use on a website – to help “sell” the product.  I’d like to keep the background clean so that the customers stay focused on your product, its a really beautiful product after all! 

So many things coursing through my mind; perspective, lighting, contrast and how all of that comes into play……..What about perspective? Angles to consider. Up? Down? Side view?  3/4?  Profile?  Down the hatch?  I have to find something different, something that sets it apart.

The road less traveled.

Lighting – The “lost” art!! Throw some shadow in?  Do I want a gel with some tone?  Do I want high contrast or  low?  Lots of saturated color? Tones that are pale and light, dark and shadowy? blog 2017_06_071175_2

In my minds eye I see it all at once!!  All of these details start come into play and I begin to work my magic………and I love it!

blog 2017_06_071158_2

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