Cheers to photography, clients, crew and creativity!

Nick Thomas portrait

I am looking quite happy in this image that my amazing assistant Kyle snapped after a recent multi-day studio shoot. Thank you Kyle!  It has put me in a mood to reflect on the day it was made and the many experiences I have had over the years, as a photographer.

First about the day; there was a special feeling at the end of the photography project.  A job well done, surrounded by crew and clients that have all worked together to create some incredible imagery. The culmination of planning, pulling together bits and pieces and pushing the boundaries of our imaginations. Its so satisfying…. and fun!

Each project over the years provides different challenges and opportunities, creating great experiences each time.  It never seems to get old.

Reflecting in a broader sense allows me to contemplate the many projects I have been so fortunate to work on.  From my first assignments as a grade schooler for local news papers and magazines in the Andover, Massachusetts area to covering National and International news stories, to opening the doors of my own business where I let my passion for photography roam. It has taken me around the world.

I have met and worked with so many great and talented people. I wish I could list them all but it would fill a book, and really – it would need to be more than a list, it would need to be all of the stories about our trials, tribulations and experiences.  Many memories that I will always carry with me.

I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Cheers to my camera, clients, crew and creativity!


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