Have a BLAST !

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Model – Andy Churchill, hair/makeup – Kathleen Schiffman/Anchor Artist

A new direction for us – people with product. Let us know what you think!

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Give Winter the Boot!

We are ready to be done with winter! How about you??

Nick Thomas Photography

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

palm trees

Palm trees reflected in a pool; Rincon, Puerto Rico

I recently returned from one of the most beautiful places I have had the good fortune to visit; Rincon, Puerto Rico. Who knew the winter would be so brutal when we planned this get-a-way in November? I have a friend who lives in Rincon year-round. He is an avid surfer, like myself. Rincon is a surfing destination for pro’s the world over. The surf was GREAT but what caught my eye is the natural beauty of the place. There is little infrastructure, no million dollar homes on the beach, no chain hotels. Just pasture land with grazing cattle and horses, and one of the warmest, friendliest local populations I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

About this picture. It is actually a reflection I saw in the water and captured on my iPhone. I enjoyed going “light” camera-wise on this trip. I made many memorable images of my family and the people we met. This image captures something of how I felt about this unspoiled corner of the world.

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Tear Sheet

Here is one of our most recent tear sheets from Timberland.

Nick Thomas Photography

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Jazz Gig

Many of you may know that I am a jazz guitarist. It is a creative outlet that I am passionate about, like photography. I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager. I now play in a jazz ensemble and we had a fun gig this past weekend, a house party at the home of our piano player. The crowd was very friendly and enthusiastic, that is always a plus when you are gigging out!

Nick Thomas Photography

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Booze to Boom

Here is the latest mailing card that we created and sent out. We are designing new pairings based on the many images we have shot over the past few years. This gives us some space to play and we are excited about the two new images we are busy developing. We have done lots of testing and are ready to move on to final shooting. We can’t wait to share our new work with you all.

Nick Thomas Photography

Booze to Boom

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Aquatics to Aromatics

Hope everyone had a safe and fabulous Independence Day weekend. We got a lot of rest and enjoyed the beautiful weather here with a few walks on the beach. Now we are gearing up to create some new work for the portfolio. We can’t wait to share some new things with you.

Here is an email image we sent out a few weeks ago. Developing some new pairings from the work we created last year.

Nick Thomas Photography

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Bowls to Bangles

We had a busy week and are looking forward to a busy June and upcoming project in July. Now if the weather could start to cooperate we would really have an amazing summer.

Here is our latest email image that we sent out to current and prospective clients. Let us know what you think of it.

Nick Thomas Photography

Bowls to Bangles

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Grateful for Work 2014

Debbie and I talk frequently these days about how grateful we are for all the work that has been coming our way. As we mentioned in a previous post, August to December 2013 were some of the busiest months we have had in years. We had a much needed break in January and then things began to pick up once again. And this week we find ourselves in our 7th week of being booked at least 4 days out of 5.  While this often means we are spending off hours catching up on administrative and pre or post production work we do not mind. Happier still are we when we can share the work with amazing agencies, assistants and stylists.

We want to thank all of the clients who keep us busy and appreciate all the things we do.

I will close with a quick image of our dog Benny having some fun back in March during one of our busiest weeks. The food stylist we were working with, Molly, brought her dog Penelope along for a week of shooting and Benny and Penelope became the best of friends. Just another thing to be grateful for.

Benny and Penelope

Benny and Penelope on Lunch Break

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Pre-Production with Penelope

We have been in full pre-production mode over the last few weeks. This is all in preparation for a large food packaging shoot starting next week. We worked with a few wonderful food stylists, Molly and Jacky. Since we are a dog-friendly studio we encouraged Molly to bring her dog Peneolpe along. Here is a picture of Nick, Molly and Penelope hard at work. Our dog Benny absolutely loved having a friend to play with this week and he seems to be missing her today.

Pre-Production with Penelope

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